Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TopSMS for Android 3.0+

TopSMS is cool little app for fast and easy SMS messaging. Read instantly, reply with one touch.


Normally, when SMS comes and you see small notification and maybe part of the message. You need to open the notifications, navigate to the SMS app, and when it opens, you can start to read..

With TopSMS, things are much easier. It shows SMS popup on top of everything you're doing. Whether you use your GPS navigation, watching a movie, or browsing the web, your incoming messages are always on top. Even if you receive SMS and phone is on standby, popup will show up after you turn it on (unlock the screen).

Therefore TopSMS popup simplifies and speeds up most common SMS actions:

* Reading and Replying, 
* Writing new, 
* Deleting or reading your last messages


SMS popup widget - actions panel

TopSMS includes handy home-screen widget - SMS actions panel. It's size is 1x1 and it displays animated SMS actions panel, for fast access to most common actions:

* Display last received SMS
* Navigate to all SMS messages (show default SMS app)
* Compose new
* Show last SMS draft