SMS popup

  • SMS popup is shown (if enabled in Settings) for every SMS you receive
  • If your phone is on standby (screen is off) and you receive SMS, popup will show up when you turn your phone on, or when unlock the screen
  • If you receive more SMS at once, after closing the first shown SMS popup, TopSMS will immediately show next received SMS automatically in a new popup.
  • Possibility to PLAY received SMS by Text-To-Speech of your phone.

Widget for SMS Actions

  • TopSMS includes home-screen widget, showing sms action panel
  • Widget can be placed anywhere on the screen
  • Actions: Show last SMS / Compose new / Continue with draft / Go to original SMS app

Sending SMS

  • Every sent SMS is stored in the original SMS application of your phone
  • TopSMS shows notification if the message was successfuly sent
  • If enabled in settings, delivery notification is shown for every sent SMS
  • Possible to send SMS to multiple recepients
  • You can add recepients from contacts list, or by typing a number

Saving drafts

  • If you start to type a message, but you close the popup, the message is saved as draft
  • Draft is shown next time you choose to compose sms
  • SMS is stored as draft also in the original SMS app
  • Draft are saved also if you choose "Reply" to incoming SMS, but reply is not sent.

Other features

  • Starts automatically after boot
  • Marks shown messages as read in the original SMS application
  • Writing and receiving long messages (more than 160 characters)