How to use / FAQ

Add the widget

Please add TopSMS widget to your home-screen to use all functions. Widget displays animated SMS actions panel and is included in the app. You can place the TopSMS widget anywhere on the screen - the panel will show up accordingly.


For Settings, start TopSMS from the applications list of your phone.

Warning - other SMS popups

If you use Hangouts app for showing SMS notifications, TopSMS will not work. Please disable that feature. Go to Hangouts > Menu > Settings > SMS > uncheck 'Turn on SMS'. You may need to disable also other sms popups, such as from Viber, etc.

What happends with my SMS?

Your default SMS app will still work the same way. All new, sent messages and drafts from TopSMS will appear also in your default SMS app.

How can I hear the SMS?

To play the sms, you can use the Play button on the incoming SMS popup. Text-To-Speech of your phone will be used to speak the SMS.

More FAQs comming soon. For any other questions please contact us at: